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Pigmented moles



(Must have doctors permission) This process requires minor surgery to have the mole cut away. The remaining area is stitched up and heals leaving a small amount of scarring that fades

Understanding Pigmented Moles:

Pigmented moles, or nevi, are clusters of pigmented cells on the skin that may appear brown, black, or tan. While the majority of moles are harmless, changes in color, size, shape, or border can signal potential issues, including melanoma. We specialise in the evaluation and management of such moles, providing a vital service in the early detection of skin cancers.

Importance of Proactive Mole Management:

Regular Skin Checks: Periodic skin examinations, both self-checks at home and professional evaluations at pigmented mole clinics, play a crucial role in detecting changes in moles early on.
Sun Protection: Practicing sun safety, including the use of sunscreen and protective clothing, is essential in preventing the development of new pigmented moles and minimizing the risk of malignant transformation.

Education and Awareness: Pigmented mole clinics contribute to public education about the significance of mole changes and the importance of seeking professional evaluation for any suspicious skin lesions.

Pigmented moles
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