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The Becky Gladman Story

Well... hello!

I’m Becky I am the proud owner of Rebecca Gladman Aesthetics in kings Langley Hertfordshire.

I feel it’s a good time to write as I’ve just had my stunning new website created and I’m so proud of it. It entails everything that is me and everything I believe in when you come to see me.

I created my brand a few years ago now with a dream a dream to make women feel more beautiful. I have built my business from nothing and word of mouth spread. Now I am so proud and ever grateful of you ladies who chose me as your practitioner for #lipfillers #antiwrinkle #microblading and lots of other exciting things to make you look and feel your best!

The last 5 months have been tough for every industry, the aesthetics industry in particular as we were the last to open. Finally we were allowed and now there’s nothing stopping us! I will check back in here when I can or when I have exciting things to tell you.

I'm going to blog about my new exciting wrinkle treatment called #sunekos and #jalupro. Also about self esteem I feel this one would be a good one too!

Take care you beautiful beings


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